Jan. 6th, 2011

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That present left was unnecessary and entirely lacking in any nutritional value. Additionally, there is no point in celebration, much less of something as meaningless as a birthday.

The rest of you, I thank you for avoiding that irresponsibility.

That said, school begins again soon. I will not be forgiving of those who missed their Ethics final, as they were informed of the date well in advance; however, a new term is a new beginning.

But first...who among you intends to return? Those who do will prove themselves superior simply by attending...

No, those who attend with the intent to truly learn, the devotion to the subject at hand...they are the ones who are superior. I will not tolerate troublemakers in any way.

That said, after recent events, I believe we must all learn to be more ethical. We must consider the world, or what the world can be shaped into. We must realize that our petty hatred is merely an illusion, one presented by our surroundings but possessing no value lasting past our final brain function. And we must rise above those things.

Those who remain will command their fates in this world. Those who abandon their causes will only be forgotten.


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