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Player Name: Blackjack
Character's Name: Cyrus
Character's username[personal profile] will_be_god

Game Series: Pokémon
Link to previous app: Right heeeere

Age (If there is a change): 34

Canon point changes (If any):

Additional history that happened since the last application (their history at the school before they left, what happened and caused them to return):

As the distant and "emotionless" ethics teacher, Cyrus had taken it upon himself to bring his special brand of morality to the students of Smash Academy. Not that it was working, but he was never one to give up.

Even his reversion to seven years old, with his underdeveloped brain unable to keep such tight reign over his emotions as he would like, he continued to work towards his goal. He had been adamant, from his time in the Distortion World, that Giratina had been involved in those events, and set out on the floating island to confront the shadow god and defeat it once and for all.

But what he found wasn't Giratina. Due to the island's bizarre properties, he found himself face to face with himself. A ruined, wrecked, and utterly hopeless Cyrus awaited him, and he saw the cruel path ahead of him.

And there he waited, with the image of what could be, for months.

But it didn't destroy his idea. In fact, he was even more inspired. He would become a god, and that wretch would never exist. If only he could keep himself from shaking whenever he thought about it.

Personality Changes: He still projects the same demeanor, that of an emotionless, superior man. But the cracks in his armor are easy to see. His voice, usually strong and controlled, is softer and, every now and then, breaks. His usually upright and stern posture has ever so slightly slumped. And his predeliction for staring off into space has become more frequent.

Due to years of control, though, these elements are mostly kept at bay. Functionally, most of the time he'll appear no different than normal...well, "usual". But when chips appear, they take far longer than usual to cover over.

In-Character 1st person sample:
Change is vital for any society. It is resisted, from thought to violence, yet here it seems to have been embraced.

That alone is greater than the place I left.

I return as your ethics teacher. For those of you who do not have that history, my name is Cyrus.

I ask that, due to the primitive custom of "summer break", we all exercise our own mindfulness in the meantime and consider our place in the big picture. Upon the start of the school year, I expect that you will continue that, and will put yourselves on the paths to universal peace.

Do not misunderstand me. I demand that you devote yourselves to your studies, to the greater world. Those who attempt to disrupt class will be met with punishment.

Change will come. Be among those who bring it.

In-Character 3rd person sample:
Helio had been different. People had wanted to help Helio, to join him, to aid him in his quest.

Yet Cyrus was viewed as suspicious, even as a villain.

There had to be something fundamentally different about them, though they were in truth the same person. With an empty document file open on the screen before him, Cyrus mulled it over.

He had witnessed things he was certain were reserved for the gods themselves. The sense remained with him, that otherworldly feeling that he was something beyond humanity...

So why did it continue to mentally plague him? Why it had shaken him to his core to witness these things?

There had been some other version of him, something he was certain existed within his mind. Some had perished. Some had altered their paths. And some had given up. But none had succeeded.

But that couldn't be significant. They were essentially him, but they were not entirely him. He wasn't truly Helio either, although he had been. That had been something buried a long time ago.

Helio had no place in anything. He was Cyrus, and as long as the world existed that was who he would remain. However long that was.
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So I hear people want to exchange cards, is it? Let's do this thing. Leave me your address in the screened area below and I'll send you stuff. Also I'll give you my address as well.
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The dull throbbing that pounded through Cyrus's head was nothing unusual. When dealing with as much stress as he faced on a daily basis, he often put himself in situations that would wear most people out.

Between meetings and studies, he rested when he could. This time he had only a scant moment to rest his eyes, bringing his head to his desk and settling himself. Next was Jupiter, giving a field report, and that would require only a fraction of his monumental attention. Opening his eyes again, he scanned down a list on the computer screen embedded in his desk. Then followed to a news report on the next screen. Then finally he opened the door remotely. She should be waiting for him.
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Those who turn away from their education must be disregarded.

Those who disrupt the education of others must be punished.

But I wonder...what causes either of those things? What within our species would cause a being to shun the very act of learning? And what would drive them to then ensure that none others could learn?

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Private )

...There is much new activity. Even those we thought misplaced have found their way here once more, as though destiny itself pulls all to this place.

To those who have arrived from elsewhere. My name is Cyrus. I am the Ethics professor, and I urge you to attend should you have a sense of justice. Although we have met once this term, introductions will be next session.
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Such...dread to be had in the simplicity of time passing. Far too many things to keep in mind.

I have prepared, but for how long?

...I will remain on course. I can do nothing but.
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I wonder...

...there is much to consider. Do those whose lives are endangered by others live each day as though it will be their last? Or do they carry on as though things are normal?

What does it mean to live as though you know you will die? Surely that is something that all sentient beings know, that that final fate awaits them no matter what.

...I would rage against it with all that I am. I would not go quietly. I would change my fate.

I will bring justice.
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So few are willing to take responsibility...this world, no, this universe...is the worse for it.

So many accept things as they are, no matter what the impact on all, without question...

Something is very wrong in us if we do so without regard for anything.
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Rhys, I require your assistance in a task.
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It has been said that the universe is built on flaws. That the wonders of life and gravity and the very essence of chemical bonds are based on imperfections in the natural order.

But if one considers the existence of gods, of divine beings pushing these so-called flaws to come into being, then to consider them flaws at all is folly.

There is much to know. Every atom must be shaped. Every outcome must be considered.


Jun. 16th, 2011 02:23 am
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[[So you're a teacher living in the dorms eh? All that power flowing at the expense of the school? Hope you have your data backed up because some time on Friday the power went out completely.

Well. Not completely. You can hear something mechanical in nature running somewhere in the building.]]
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Though the time of endings is upon us, we must always look to a new beginning. We must consider the big picture in all that we do.

A video )
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The tyrant has been dealt with. I trust that those in his employ will not be foolish enough to enforce his will again.

Although it does not seem that my message reached anybody. How pecular. Yet that was ultimately meaningless.

I have the final grades for my students. You are all to contact me privately regarding them.
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Private, sent to his Commanders in Sinnoh )

I trust that the finals went well for all my students. I will post your final grades when it is suitable to do so.

...You have learned much, or most of you have. Such wisdom will serve you well in a perfect world.

Yet those who ignore that will find themselves meaningless, only cautionary tales told in hushed tones. That is nothing.
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An unusually productive class today. How pecular.

To continue the subject, the topic was daily injustices. I turn to the rest of you for your experiences, your histories, and your actions to combat them. If you did not, explain why and if you believe you were justified to do so.

Those who attended the class are welcome to share their experiences as well.
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Private desktop entry )

I regret that I was unable to aid in the liberation of this campus. Yet I also believe that it was no excuse for the lot of you to ignore your studies.
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My students. I do not expect any of you to attend class today, owing to the danger outside. However, I will not tolerate you shirking your studies.

I wish to speak with all of you personally. Contact me on the network as galaxycyrus, at the usual time, and we will carry out class with simple adaptations.
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