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I have taken shelter in my apartment. Nothing has attempted to enter, and for that I consider myself fortunate. My pokémon are guarding against it, just in case.

I believe that Houndoom anticipates eating these invaders, although that would be ill-advised.

Should any seek shelter, I will offer it. However, I do guard my privacy, so access will be limited.
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I must know if you have thought more on our discussion from earlier.
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I had nearly forgotten...

Fifty years ago, man first touched the stars. A single flight changed the world, albiet for a moment. Yet that wonder and glory has gone astray, buried beneath all of humanity's errors.

But to gaze up at space and know our presence there is still a powerful thing.

A flight in low space is nothing compared to the many storied flights some of you undertake on a regular basis. Such a thing is mere child's play to you.

But for humans, it was as if we as a species had been, ever so briefly, propelled to the divine.

The human spirit is weak and incomplete. Yet even in that broken state, it is still capable of miracles. That is why I believe it must be made whole.
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Those in my class are hereby reminded that last term I was forced to fail all but one of you. There is ample warning as of now, so if you do not attend the final exam this term, you have no grounds to complain.

Yet that date has not yet been set, so in the meantime you must apply yourselves to the lessons at hand.

As there were hardly any visitors to my open session, would I be correct in assuming that the lot of you are confident with your knowledge of the subject? There is simply no excuse otherwise.

This weekend is when I will seek those promised battles. If you answered my challenge, be ready.

..."battles"...such a disgusting, misleading term. To begin to compare a pokémon match with the horrors of war is insulting.
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It was refreshing to see the trees burst into bloom. A reminder of the rebirth that is still possible in this world. That such an ugly world could so transform is a powerful thing, one we must carry with us.
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For those of you seeking wisdom...I will be in the classroom for several hours after class on Monday, in preparation for the upcoming finals. I will accept those who are not my students, however those who are will be given preferential treatment due to the deadline.
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Once more I request a pokémon battle. Those who wish to challenge me, reply here.
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I see. Today is 14-3, or as it would be denoted here, 3-14. It was said at one point that to calculate pi to its end would reveal the true name of God. Of course, such a conclusion is foolish and arbitrary, but the belief is a testament to the existance of the divine in all that surrounds us. The world is its gods and vice versa.

Yet we must always bear in mind what that truly means.
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This world...no, this universe...

We must protect what we have. This is yet another reminder of that.
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So many new names! I suppose I'd better introduce myself.

My name is Cyrus, and I'm the Ethics teacher. I come from the Sinnoh region, or rather an island just northeast of it. My primary occupation is political leader, although in my homeland I run a school for wayward children.

Tell me, newcomers, what do you think can be done to improve the world?
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[[Cyrus's AU info found here. If you want to be one of his new followers, then you're one of the "top students".]]

A reminder to my top students: there is a special session tomorrow at noon. You have all done so well this term that I wish to reward you with extra privileges.
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So much fuss over some absences. Foolishness. Selfishness. What the heart wills is nothing but an illusion.

Do you believe that any of that is real? It is only real insofar as it is truly felt, but such things are phantoms, mere faulty wiring in the brain.

We must rise above that, as a people.

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We are so easily influenced. So very flawed...
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Ethics class meets tomorrow as usual, and I expect my pupils will be attentive, regardless of the distractions of the day. It is a day as any other.
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It has been over a year since my arrival in this place. I have changed things, although my students would perhaps deny that it has been for the better.

Those left in Sinnoh...they have sufficed.

Yet there is much work to be done, on both fronts.

That said, just as it was when I arrived last year, the adornment of this place is...irritating.
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