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In-Character 1st person sample:
Something so precarious.

No matter then. I will return to work posthaste.

It seems I must reintroduce myself. Very well, my name is Cyrus. I have been the Ethics teacher here, and I trust I remain in that position. I was called away urgently for many months and will not speak more on it.

I demand those in my class pay attention and do the work that is assigned to them. This ought not be an extraordinary thing; in fact it ought to be expected. Yet as with much, this has fallen by the wayside.

For you to reconsider the world and what you know of it--that is my aim. What surrounds us and fills our lives often passes us by for the commonality of it. For us to act ethically is for us to be thoughtful of those things around us and their impact on the greater whole of existance.

I urge critical thinking, and for those in my class to be able to support your beliefs. Do not be surprised if you are unable to do so immediately. You have not spared thought for such things before, and as such you may find it difficult.

Yet it is ultimately rewarding, for therein lies justice itself.

In-Character 3rd person sample:
It happened as quickly and as suddenly as a change of wind. One day he had been there, the next there was only an empty apartment. Some claimed they'd seen a few bowl-cutted space people around campus that day, but they too had vanished.

And then one day he returned, as quickly and as completely as he had vanished. It was as if he had been picked up and neatly placed elsewhere in the calendar.

Cyrus had always been a strange one, untrusted by the faculty and student body alike, and now it was though he was responding to that, meeting everyone with a sharp, direct glare of utter contempt. His posture was rigid and full, as it had been when he had first arrived three years before, and when he spoke, it carried with it the sensation that he was speaking to himself and whoever was around just happened to be within earshot.

In some ways he was much the same as he'd been before he left. He was still an early riser, ready to meet the day by five am and usually having gotten in some pokémon training before seven. He still spent a great deal of time in the library with stacks of books laid out before him, all different than the ones he had poured over the day before. His apartment still sucked up more electricity than anything else in the building.

And that was it. He *was* the same--the same as he'd been when he first arrived. The past few years may well have simply not happened.
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