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That incident delayed the extraction device from completion. However, a week is an acceptable span of time. I will have all time to make up for it.

Constructing it is simple. I have done so before, although I had the aid of my followers. To capture those beings again without them will be...the difficult part. But not impossible.

I will be finished, continuing along this path, shortly after the end of the term. And that is when I will strike. In the meantime I must continue this charade, doling out lessons and the final as any other teacher. So few are worthy. Yet in this place I have found some who I will recreate in that perfect world.

...I still wonder if my followers are worthy. Jupiter and Mars certainly. But are Saturn's transgressions in the end enough to undo him entirely? I will be a forgiving god, leaving behind the sins of this world. Yet there are those who are simply far too great of a risk.

I will have eternity to decide, to weigh that issue. I admit Mars despite her violence, as she will be cleansed of it, and Jupiter despite her lust, as she will be clensed of that. Saturn however...but that will be for the next world.

I regret that I was unable to aid in the liberation of this campus. Yet I also believe that it was no excuse for the lot of you to ignore your studies.
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